When choosing a warband group you should consider their equipment requirements

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When choosing a warband group you should consider their equipment requirements, pking ability requirements, amount of OSRS gold active players punctually, their strategy when faced with an assault (i.e. fight or conduct ), allied teams, and efficacy at warring. The FCs generally have discussion threads detailing all this, Leo would know better than me about this stuff.

What facet of warbands are you most interested in? The pvp or the xp? This would be quite important to understand before I proceed any further. I'd suggest joining a group in WBG. If you think that you can commit time to get a permanent spot at a fc, apply on one of the threads on the official forums, or attempt the Warband Tracker site (google it). Unfortunately the free-for-all groups that used to be a part of the Warband Tracker happen to be canceled, therefore it can be difficult to discover a temporary team. For help with that try asking friends to find out if they can guarantee you in their fc.

Finally, the final solution would be to go solo. With the recent warband mechanics update, I have discovered that soloing could be a fairly effective strategy for me, as I now do not have much spare time to commit to a complete time fc. When soloing you can readily get at least 25 loot a wave, but obtaining 75 in one wave will be exceedingly tricky.

I've started the POP miniature game recently, it's quite enjoyable to be truthful... So far I am in the Schythe area. But I am having trouble making decisions as to cheap RS gold when/what I need to upgrade. First off, the boats: What if I prioritize upgrading? The hull, the deck items, the rudder, or the ram (the slot at the very front of the boat, idk what it's called) Subsequently, the vents themselves: What is well worth updating? I have noticed the majority of the updates are fairly costly.