That was Rocket League Items the inception of it

That was Rocket League Items the inception of it


At Farnborough International Exhibition Conference Centre the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra entered Gielinor and introduced attendees to a rendition of Runescape classics in a first for the Cambridge, and indeed any British Studio. Over the evening we were dragged through desolate PvP wastelands and lush vibrant worlds. Runescape Live was less an opening movement to Runefest, as it was a celebration of everything old and new. Mocking, self-knowing, and quirky in its British sensibility, Runescape’s live show was a hoot.

MOD LORD: Really it’s something we’ve wanted to do for some time. I’ve wanted to do this probably as long as I’ve been at Jagex. I’ve wanted to do it every year, but it was a conversation with one of the events team after Runefest last year and here we are a year later. Even better we have the Royal Philharmonic performing. That was Rocket League Items the inception of it and since last year, we’ve had a new addition to the event team who has come in and wanted to do something a bit spectacular. Although we’ve planned it over the last year, everything has really gone into full momentum in the last few months or so.

Jagex had to perform a severe rollback on the servers of the Old-School version of "RuneScape", after an update generated a bug that caused items in the inventory of players to die to turn into small stacks of gold the limit of 2,147,483.64 gold, that is, more than 2 billion golds, depending on the items that dropped after his death. The bug lasted 19 minutes until Jagex took the server out of the air and made the necessary arrangements, but was enough to leave a bunch of billion dollar players and unbalance the game's economy. Obviously, the producer performed a full rollback of the server before the update that generated the curious bug.