Escape From Tarkov Money to reduce their money heap

Escape From Tarkov Money to reduce their money heap


Escape. Players line into "strike" where they went plunder produce guidance on the different players. In any case, if a player left the territory before hitting the wall, and they lost everything - they even brought raid.Naturally, with better weapons, and to strengthen and encourage you in your battle to win more things, but it builds your dangerous, because you have more to lose.

The result is a deeply satisfying interaction cycle, namely in the game and its guide information, the urgent need for a player prosperity. Plainly, nothing is free, the player must fight like the devil all of them. This time, because it is possible to mark a rare opening for the players to play together or offer free access to equipment, Escape From Tarkov Money to reduce their money heap. This is not a big surprise, the players are running stream convulsions possibility of establishing himself more and more significant stage rigging or important things.

Clean and jerk decorations willing to chance observers in tune. From Tarkov veteran Pestily and where he accumulated nearly 75,000 simultaneous observation and cultivate the noble cause of AUD $ 33,000 a huge 44 hours beginning of the stream.

Measuring Pestily share Zhidezhuyi from his long-distance running stream, even after the outbreak of sharing the stage decoration stream.Mid occasion more than 100,000 simultaneous observers increasingly viewing exception knock; Tarkov decoration from the bad guys escape the overflowing of full-time Over the past few days have seen no rise from the low hundreds to his normal ratings to over 1,500 people.